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phone bugging spy

phone bugging spy

9/3/2011 - Cell phone spying is better than any other

Great expectations we place on the segment of smartphones

In the midst of crisis, Nokia was able to surprise all record sales of its first touchscreen device cell spyware Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Despite the crisis, Nokia is preparing to release the following models, including a touch screen (test N97 read the section tests). On how the company plans to survive the hard times, and perhaps draw the difficulties for their own benefit, we are asked to tell a second person in the company of Nokia - Executive Vice President, Director of Nokia Markets, Anssi Vanjoki (Anssi Vanjoki). Mr Vanjoki, Nokia expects a new redistribution of the market due to the global financial crisis? Are there any prerequisites for the increase in market share from Nokia? How much the outlook for sales in the year 2009 compared with 2008? Currently, the market situation is not highly transparent, rapidly changing, so it is impossible to give a precise, comprehensive forecast. The only thing that is clear at this point - in 2009 the world mobile phone market will shrink by 5% or more.However, increased market share - our priority, and we focus on this in the new year. Great expectations we place on the segment of smartphones. Studies confirm that consumers are showing increasing interest in devices that offer features such as high-resolution camera, GPS and 3G. And in the smartphone segment, we - the absolute leader.

In particular, the development of public functions

According to Gartner, the share of sales of our smart phones reached 42.5%. Next year, we have high hopes for a model Nokia N97. Also in 2009, plans to release a number of devices on a platform of Symbian S60. Certainly, the global financial crisis has forced us, as all the other manufacturers are more rigid and conservative plan your expenses, including marketing and R & D. However, we continue to invest in the promotion and development of new solutions and products. Leaders in the future will be those who continue to invest in, no matter what. In connection with the crisis of the previously planned announcement of many models has been canceled. What models were laid off and how will corrected range, marketing, pricing and functionality of mobile phones because of the global financial crisis? In particular, the development of public functions? Certainly, in times of crisis we are reviewing marketing and other budgets. However, none of the previously planned models and services are not canceled. On the contrary, we try to accelerate their time to market compared to the original plans. It's part of our strategy now. We are confident that the crisis becomes more powerful phone spy software. Touch screens will appear only in the Series 60 smartphone, or have plans and to implement touch screens in other devices, in particular, on the basis of platform S40? Currently, the touch interface was only the S60-based operating system Symbian. S40 platform provides both users and developers, less freedom to develop and use different software, so the priority has been precisely S60. In the near future support for S40 is not planned. Are there any plans for the S60 Touch improve compatibility with programs written for "ordinary» S60? Some programs are run on 5800 without any problems, but most are not working or not working correctly. We are constantly improving our software, its stability and ability to integrate with third-party software.

The use of new opportunities

The new version of the interface based on the S60 Symbian 9.5 was designed taking into account the proven architecture S60v3 to expand its functionality and interface features. For all third-party software developers within the community of developers Forum Nokia ( are available as basic documentation for the platform and SDK for the adaptation of existing software for an updated interface Nokia S60. Of course, we increase the compatibility updated platform and existing software, but we believe that the use of new opportunities S60v5 significantly enhance the level of interactivity and user interface interaction.Touch-screen interface, in principle, more relevant for all devices, targeted at multimedia services. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - is not just a musical model, a kind of musical and multimedia flagship. This model is "imprisoned" as a multi-media functionality (best-of-line capabilities for watching videos and listening to music), and a large selection of online services, including navigation and mobile games. Along with the rich functionality and service content, the device is invited to the youth and socially active audience at an attractive price, making it primarily a mass product, excellent device cell phone spy, and the next turn - the first Nokia device platform S60v5. Do I understand correctly that the S60 Touch S60 and simply will evolve in parallel? To date, very difficult to unify the interface solutions for devices with touch screen and traditional phones, so that solutions for devices based on Symbian 9.x are developed in parallel, using the general developments. Do you plan to further development of sensor technology, such as: improving governance and multi-Finger? We pay great attention to the development of input methods, our R & D is actively working in this direction. But the key priority issues of convenience, the interface and its compatibility with application software and online services.

Introduce new functionality into existing This, in our opinion, more important than the direct input method. It should be noted that the interface S60v5 supports text input and user interface control, not only with your finger, but the stylus with the virtual keyboard T9, full QWERTY, well maintained and handwriting recognition. Will the pulse sensor technology for new services, tied to the touch controls, and what? Or introduce new functionality into existing? Sensor technology - only the way users interact with the device. As you know, Nokia is developing service line for a long time. We see the future of the mobile industry in the personalization of online services, is deeply integrated interface device that allows the user to be connected and actively communicate text spy in a social environment in both the real and the virtual, at any time convenient to him. Sensor technology can really help the mobile device become more convenient, however, only projects capable of making it really popular.
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